Keynote Speakers

Professor Markarand (Mark) Hastak

Professor Mark Hastak is the Dernlan Family Head of Construction Engineering and Management as well as Professor of Civil Engineering at Purdue University.  Prof. Hastak is recognized around the world as an expert in the area of construction engineering and management.  He has worked on numerous projects sponsored by the NSF, State DOTs, City Agencies, and the Construction Industry Institute (CII).  As a Fellow of the American Council on Education (cohort of 2013-14) at Cornell University his work focused on the various facets of Hybrid RCM budget, engaged institution, and Public-Private Partnership in academia.

As a prominent educator and consultant, Prof Hastak has given over 50 keynotes and invited lectures around the world.  He has authored/co-authored over 200 publications and reports in his area of expertise as well as co-authored and edited three widely used books (1) Infrastructure Planning, Engineering, and Economics (McGraw-Hill 2006 and 2015), (2) Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering (AACE 6th Ed. 2015), and (3) CCP Certification Study Guide (AACE 2nd Ed. 2016).  He served on the AACE Education Board from 2004-2016.  He is the current Vice President of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) (  Also, he serves as the Academic Advisor to the CII Downstream and Chemicals Committee (DCC).  Some of his previous appointments include various academic and leadership positions at Georgia Tech, NYU, and the University of Cincinnati.