Organising Committee

Most of the organising committee members are drawn from the School of Engineering, Design & Built Environment at Western Sydney University. The committee draws on the extensive experience of these members. The organising committee is led by Professor Michail (Mike) Kagioglou, Dean of the School and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Global Engagement (UK and Europe). Associate Professor Surendra Shrestha, Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) and Associate Professor Fidelis Mashiri, Director of Academic Programs, are responsible for the day-to-day management of the conference. In addition, the following School leaders are actively engaged in the organisation of the conference:

  • Professor Yang Xiang, Deputy Dean
  • Associate Professor Olivia Mirza, Associate Dean (Engagement)
  • Dr Brendan Kirkland, Director of Academic Programs
  • Associate Professor Ming Zhao, Director of Academic Programs
  • Dr Leigh Sheppard, Director of Academic Programs
  • Dr Jeffrey Zou, Director of Academic Programs
  • Dr Leo Zhang, Academic Course Advisor
  • Dr Ali Hellany, Peer Review Mentor
  • Dr Md Adbul Alim, First Year Academic Advisor
  • Dr Tosin Famakinwa, Cluster Manager, Teaching and Research Technical Services
  • Dr Mariam Darestani, 21C STEM Capabilities Curriculum Champion
  • Spyros Schismenos, Cross-School Research Officer, Western Sydney University

    The following AAEE members have taken on the advisory roles in the organisation of AAEE2022.

    • Associate Professor Anne Gardner, Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning), University of Technology, Sydney
    • Dr Sasha Nikolic, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, University of Wollongong
    • Professor Sally Male, Director, Teaching and Learning Lab, Engineering and IT, The University of Melbourne

      Invitations will be extended to HDR and Honours students for their involvement during the conference.

      Technical Committee

      • Alan Henderson, University of Tasmania
      • Anne Gardner, University of Technology Sydney
      • Arun Patil, Sanjay Ghodawat University
      • Bandita Mainali, Macquarie University
      • Biraj Singh Thapa, Kathmandu University
      • Bouchra Senadji, Queensland University of Technology
      • Chunwei Zhang, Western Sydney University
      • Gangadara Prusty, The University of New South Wales
      • Gourab Sen Gupta, Massey University
      • Gui Lohmann, Griffith University
      • Jamal Rizk, Western Sydney University
      • Jeung Hwang Doh, Griffith University
      • Kejun Dong, Western Sydney University
      • Llewellyn Mann, Swinburne University of Technology
      • Maurice Pagnucco, The University of New South Wales
      • Mohammad Uddin, University of South Australia
      • Natalie Brown, University of Tasmania.
      • Qinghua Zeng, Western Sydney University
      • Rabin Tuladhar, James Cook University
      • Richard Yang, Western Sydney University
      • Sarah Zhang, Western Sydney University
      • Sasha Nikolic, University of Wollongong
      • Sojen Pradhan, University of Technology Sydney
      • Swapan Saha, Western Sydney University
      • Tim McCarthy, University of Wollongong
      • Tim Wilkinson, University of Sydney
      • Tom Goldfinch, University of Sydney
      • Utsab Katwal, Western Sydney University
      • Vivian Tam, Western Sydney University