Keynote Speaker

Professor Emanuela Tilley

Emanuela is Professor of Engineering Education and Director of the Integrated Engineering Programme at University College London. Emanuela is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the United Kingdom. In 2013 she joined UCL Engineering and created an engineering design curriculum, as part of the Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP), to introduce problem, experimental, research and enquiry-based learning to a multi-disciplinary faculty of engineering students at UCL. Since taking leadership of the IEP in 2016, UCL Engineering has been awarded the HEA Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) and gained international recognition as a global leader in Engineering Education.

Emanuela holds degrees in Mechanical and Civil Structural Engineering and worked as a professional project engineer, alongside developers and architects, within multidisciplinary engineering teams before joining UCL. She was involved in the design and testing of the most sublime and world-famous tall towers/structures around the world. Her interest in engineering education originates from the positive interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunities she experienced as a student, researcher, educator and professional.

Professor Tilley has established an international profile in the areas of leading curriculum development and cultural, as well as managerial, change required to support and foster innovation in engineering education within higher education. She also champions a teaching and learning programme focused on design, self-awareness, teamwork and leadership aimed at supporting students in their development of engineering skills.